The team behind the Parabellum Press Group has over 20 years of experience in information technology, marketing, advertising and publishing, lists for cars, real estate and tourism.

Through our work, we support the growth and creation of hundreds of service companies, manufacturers and distributors of global brands around the world. We define luxury and luxury and positioning new luxury brands among the world’s best brands and companies. We advertise luxury goods and services and give a 100% guarantee for the results they will achieve.

Also We can provide you everyone in the defense sector, anywhere in the world. With our portal Defense Guide is to be a leading company in the guiding everyone who is in the military sector. Our objectives are constant improvement in the connecting governments and private companies in the military sector world wide. We are working toward expanding the industry so that you can be aware with all new technologies and know-how. Your trusted partner in the defense market!

In the company  of Guides  We work to facilitate the transformation of customers and reduce the costs of hotels, car rental companies and local businesses in presenting and promoting their products on the international market. By providing direct contact between the end customer and local professionals, the business saves money by not paying commissions, SEO services and expensive advertising costs. The Guides is a unique high-tech platform for information and cross-selling marketing, optimized for search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), which provides excellent visibility on the Internet for our customers. Many companies use our services because the links in the Sofia Guide are scanned by Google, which affects their official websites in Google PageRank (PR) and affects their positioning on search results pages (SERPs).